GreenHealing Productions/GreenHealing Press is the brainchild of Burke Lennihan, a Harvard alumna and holistic
health expert.
She has a private practice at the Lydian Center for Innovative Healthcare in Cambridge, Mass. and speaks at national conferences such as the Integrative Healthcare Symposium and Integrative Medicine for Underserved Populations conference. Her mission in life is to help change the US healthcare system by prioritizing safe, effective and cost-effective natural treatments first, before drugs and surgery.
Burke went to Harvard expecting to become a doctor like her father and thus fulfill her childhood dream. Instead, she discovered natural healing and pursued a “road less traveled by”. She graduated from Harvard at the top of her class and – in a truly unusual career move – opened a health food store. (Professional training in naturopathic medicine was not available at the time.)

Her health food store provided a training of a different sort. Its first location near Mass. General Hospital and its second location near Harvard Square attracted a highly educated health-conscious clientele. She learned about supplements and herbs not only from voracious reading but also from interviewing her customers. Whenever they special-ordered something she was not familiar with, she asked why it was better than what she had on the shelves – and often ended up stocking the new product. She asked everyone how they could tell if a supplement was working. After more than 15 years in her supplement department, she developed a practical knowledge of a wide range of natural healing substances.

As a result, Burke’s supplement department organized by the top two or three best products for each common treat-at-home condition, based on reviews by her customers (early crowd-sourcing!). Her store also became a referral source and networking hub for many different holistic practitioners, again based on recommendations by customers. Through these practitioners she learned what modalities were likely to work best for various chronic conditions.

The result of all this practical knowledge became Your Natural Medicine Cabinet, a book filled with juicy gems not available anywhere else. (In fact, holistic health professionals often remark how much they learn from it!) After more than 15 years in her beloved health food store, Burke decided to pursue professional training – in the modality she had concluded was the safest, most powerful and most practical of all those she had studied in her store. She heard a lecture by Dr. Luc De Schepper about homeopathy, explaining the concept of the Never Well Since. This means that stress or even emotional trauma may underly chronic disease – and they must be resolved in order to cure the disease. Homeopathy, he explained, was the only way to resolve the Never Well Since and cure chronic disease, something conventional medicine is unable to do.

Burke’s unusual career path took another zigzag forward. She decided to become a professional homeopath and proposed to Dr. Luc that they start a professional training program together. Thus was born the Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy, one of the top schools of homeopathy in the country at the time. As administrator, she learned the content one step ahead of the students so that she could write the tests and homework assignments. Dr. Luc, now widely regarded as one of the greatest homeopaths in the world, became her mentor, sharing the fruits of many years of experience. She edited his professional textbook (Hahnemann Revisited) and guide for home prescribers (The People’s Repertory), thus absorbing even more of his genius.

By 2002 she had her own school, Teleosis School of Homeopathy, and discovered her special passion for teaching introductory homeopathy for home prescribers. Since closing her school in 2009, she has shared her knowledge and passion via her books (additional books on holistic treatments for coughs, written with a prominent pulmonologist, and holistic health care for pets, written with a holistic vet). Burke has also launched a video series, A Healer In Every Home, available on YouTube at GreenHealingTV. In her books and videos, she draws on her wide-ranging knowledge of holistic health therapies and supplements while explaining her own field of homeopathy. Her goal is to share knowledge that’s both effective and empowering.

Burke finds that her clients who try to share their natural healing successes with their doctors often meet with scorn or scoldings plus the well-worn myth that natural treatments are “unproven”. As the daughter of a doctor she sympathizes with busy doctors who do not have time to read the research for themselves. She also notes that the tone of those advocating for natural healing is often derisive about doctors – which means that doctors are unlikely to read their arguments. As a result, she seeks to bridge the chasm between the two worlds of conventional and natural healthcare by sharing evidence-based information with doctors – respectfully, and expecting respect for natural healing in return.

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