Marathons and Beyond: Secrets of the Super Runners

Arnica is well known for sports injuries, so I’ll try to share some less well-known remedy tips, plus some practical advice for running marathons. (Did you know that Arnica can be used preventively? A couple of pellets of Arnica 30c ...More

School Shootings – Natural Remedies for Traumatized Kids

Natural remedies for kids who are traumatized – kids who can’t sleep, or are having nightmares, or afraid to go to school – can work for times when talk is not enough. We don’t want to overmedicate our kids, but ...More

Morning Sickness: Safe Natural Remedies

Quick Fixes: Press the acupressure point for nausea, located on the wrist about two finger-widths up from the wrist fold, and between the two main tendons in the wrist. Keep trying until you find the tender spot. Ginger is an ...More

Breastfeeding: Safe Natural Remedies

Quick Fix For a blocked milk duct: the homeopathic medicine Silica, and hold the baby in a “football hold” while breastfeeding. For cracked or sore nipples: Natural Nipple Butter (contains Calendula and natural oils) or any comfrey ointment. The homeopathic ...More

Gentle Winter Remedies for Babies and Children

In my practice, babies and children love sucking on tiny sweet tablets called “tissue salts” or “cell salts”, which are essential minerals prepared with an extra boost of homeopathic energy. I call one of them “Nip It in the Bud” ...More

Anxiety Meds During Pregnancy – Safe and Natural

For a pregnant woman with anxiety – including anxiety about taking tranquilizers – and wishing to avoid unnecessary prescription drugs, homeopathic medicines can provide a safe alternative. The FDA regulates these medicines as over-the-counter drugs, as described in the previous ...More

Postpartum depression and other pregnancy woes – natural medicines can help

Women began seeking safe alternatives for antidepressants during pregnancy several years ago, when research first showed that the drugs could affect their unborn child. Many women also try to avoid any pharmaceuticals when breastfeeding, including that vulnerable phase right after ...More

Feeling Blue? ‘Green Medicine’ Offers Answers

Natural medicines can offer positive answers for all the many reasons people seek alternatives to conventional drugs. The FDA considers them safe enough to classify as over-the-counter drugs. They are non-habit forming and there is no rebound effect when stopping ...More