Cough Cures

In this groundbreaking book you will find the best of both worlds, bridging the gap between conventional and holistic medicine. Cough Cures is not just about coughs - it's about natural alternatives for antibiotics, cough syrups, pain and sleeping medications, even antacids. Dr. Gus Ferrer a renowned pulmonologist and Burke Lennihan RN, a certified practitioner in holistic medicine, bring you a book packed with natural cures and guides to the best over-the-counter drugs for acute and chronic cough.

You will also learn about acupressure, breathing exercises, and other techniques. The recommendations for natural remedies are documented with more than 200 research studies, so that both parents and physicians can feel confident in using them. COUGH CURES has the answers you’ve been waiting for!

Your Natural Medicine Cabinet

In an engaging, entertaining style, Your Natural Medicine Cabinet makes it easy to find the latest cutting-edge information on healing over 100 common ailments with fast-acting natural products. Ideal for families, busy households, and anyone interested in natural alternatives for themselves and their children, it offers essential resources in a concise, user-friendly format.
This easy-to-understand guide covers everything from acid reflux, flu, and insomnia to earaches, constipation, and emotional first aid. It also provides a resource guide (the best books, websites and YouTube videos) to address the core conditions underlying common ailments.

The author shows how to use supplements, superfoods, and medicinal herbs as well as homeopathy, cell salts, and Bach flower remedies plus giving tips for healthy eating and lifestyle.

This indispensable new resource is based on the author's expert experience as an owner of a successful health food store and as a holistic health professional at the Lydian Center for Innovative Medicine in Cambridge, Mass. A Harvard alumna, Burke Lennihan lectures at Harvard University's Center for Wellness, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, and Lesley University.

A Healer in Every Home

Top tips for healthy animal care, from a pioneering holistic vet and a holistic animal shelter director. Learn what you can do at home to keep your pets healthy, happy and free from toxic chemicals. A simple, user-friendly guide to - a healthy diet to prevent chronic diseases - natural remedies for Lyme, skin and ear problems, bites from other animals, accidents, recovery from surgery - safe flea and tick control to prevent insects without toxic pesticides, and to protect your pet from Lyme - natural ways to calm your pet and reduce behavior problems like aggression and barking too much - remedies for joint problems and preventing joint surgery - life saving remedies for animals hit by a car - plus recommendations for great books and websites for more information. Full of entertaining stories that make the remedies memorable, like the oldest dog and the oldest cat that Dr. Roman ever met – and the secrets to their longevity. Or the puppy whose life was saved from an allergic reaction to a bee sting – with a remedy found in every natural food store for less than $10. Or the raging ear infection cured overnight with another simple inexpensive health food store remedy. Then there’s the one about the whole rescue shelter infected with kennel cough . . . You can save hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars in vet bills over the life of your pet with this book - while enjoying its lighthearted approach.

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