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Natural Remedies for Dental Pain and Root Canals

Quick Fixes for Tooth Pain Clove oil applied directly to the tooth is a traditional remedy for toothaches (it may not be safe for teething babies, though). Chamomilla, the top homeopathic remedy for excruciating pain during teething, works for adults...More

Top Ten Remedies for Your Natural Medicine Cabinet

Wouldn’t you like to have some natural medicines on hand for family emergencies — ones that tend to be safer and work even better than the conventional ones? Here are the ones that I recommend for everyone to have on...More

Flu Fighters: Fend Off Flu with Fast-Acting Natural Medicines

Fearful of the flu? My clients are feeling pressured by the media drumroll to get their flu shots, but the better-informed among them are concerned about the mercury in the shots and fact that they’re only about 60% effective, according...More

Anxiety Meds During Pregnancy – Safe and Natural

For a pregnant woman with anxiety – including anxiety about taking tranquilizers – and wishing to avoid unnecessary prescription drugs, homeopathic medicines can provide a safe alternative. The FDA regulates these medicines as over-the-counter drugs, as described in the previous...More

Postpartum depression and other pregnancy woes – natural medicines can help

Women began seeking safe alternatives for antidepressants during pregnancy several years ago, when research first showed that the drugs could affect their unborn child. Many women also try to avoid any pharmaceuticals when breastfeeding, including that vulnerable phase right after...More