Pregnancy & Infants

Thumbsucking Can Represent an Underlying Problem

Thumbsucking after the age of five or six can turn into a dental problem, especially if your child is actively sucking rather than passively resting her thumb in her mouth. It can change the shape of the palate and cause...More

Morning Sickness: Safe Natural Remedies

Quick Fixes: Press the acupressure point for nausea, located on the wrist about two finger-widths up from the wrist fold, and between the two main tendons in the wrist. Keep trying until you find the tender spot. Ginger is an...More

Breastfeeding: Safe Natural Remedies

Quick Fix For a blocked milk duct: the homeopathic medicine Silica, and hold the baby in a “football hold” while breastfeeding. For cracked or sore nipples: Natural Nipple Butter (contains Calendula and natural oils) or any comfrey ointment. The homeopathic...More

Gentle Winter Remedies for Babies and Children

In my practice, babies and children love sucking on tiny sweet tablets called “tissue salts” or “cell salts”, which are essential minerals prepared with an extra boost of homeopathic energy. I call one of them “Nip It in the Bud”...More