Healing a Wounded Heart

Visiting a senior center decked out in red hearts for Valentine’s Day recently, I wondered how many of the elderly there felt like celebrating – or whether they would rather reminisce about their lost loves instead.
When people have been married for decades and one dies, the other may soon follow, of a physical or metaphorical broken heart. Homeopathy has wonderful remedies for lost loves; I share several here.

Losing the love of your life

When a couple has been together for decades, raising children and grandchildren together, inseparable, and then one of them dies, for the survivor it can be as if the sun has gone out of their life – like losing the most precious thing, as precious as gold.

And in fact Aurum metallicum, homeopathic gold, can help this person go on. It’s a heart remedy too – good for angina, heart palpitations and many other heart problems. It’s one of our best remedies for depression, when the person feels heavy (“like walking around in a lead vest” as one of my clients expressed it) even to the point of being suicidal. You can imagine how helpful it can be to the person of any age who feels they have lost the love of their life.
When your sparkle is gone
Phosphoric acid, another remedy for depression from grief, is made from the substance that gives soft drinks their bubbly – and people who need it feel like the fizz has gone out of their life! They lose all interest in things that normally excite them. Usually very social, they turn off their phone and isolate themselves in their grief. Phosphoric acid can help bring back their zest for life.
Wall around a wounded heart
When someone is deeply hurt they may feel they have to protect their heart from ever suffering so much again. They throw up walls to protect their heart – perhaps keeping potential dates or mates at a distance by being serious and withdrawn, or by sarcastic humor, or by falling impossibly in love with someone inappropriate or unattainable.
Nat. mur. can help people lower the drawbridge and let some love in!
If you are not experienced with homeopathy, best to use a 6c (low potency, gentle and mild) on a daily basis for slow and steady improvement.

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