Natural Remedies for Dental Pain and Root Canals

10 Oct, 2018 by B. Lennihan

Quick Fixes for Tooth Pain

Clove oil applied directly to the tooth is a traditional remedy for toothaches (it may not be safe for teething babies, though).

Chamomilla, the top homeopathic remedy for excruciating pain during teething, works for adults too, especially if they’re unbearably cranky from the pain.

Coffea is a backup plan for these excruciating toothaches, more likely to be used for people who tend to be nervous and hypersensitive and suffer from insomnia.

Mercurius is a great remedy for any problem in the mouth with typical symptoms of excessive salivation, mouth sores, bleeding gums, bad breath, scalloped edges of the tongue, and a possible recent exposure to mercury such as from a filling being replaced.

To use a homeopathic remedy, take the best-matching one in a 30c potency (strength), the potency most commonly available in health food stores, and dissolve two pellets or tablets in your mouth as one dose. Repeat as needed: typically twice a day for mild symptoms and four times a day for intense symptoms. However, if the tooth pain is just unbearable, repeat every 15 minutes until it eases off, then repeat again when it comes back. If you do this for an hour with no relief, it’s time to try something else.

Avoiding a Root Canal

If you have a toothache but the dentist can’t find any signs of infection, she may say, “There’s nothing wrong, but if it still hurts, we can do a root canal.” If you’re like most people and dread getting a root canal more than anything, even public speaking, these tips are for you.

A toothache without infection may indicate a jammed tooth. For example, you just got a permanent crown put on, and they jammed the new tooth down hard onto your old tooth. Or maybe there was a blow or an injury. If so, you may have a tooth that’s jammed like a peg in a hole. Here’s a tip from my chiropractic colleagues.

You pull the tooth away from the socket (it will only move a tiny bit) and wiggle it in all directions: back and forth, to and fro. You’ll need to keep doing it over several weeks, even months. But you may be able to loosen the tooth enough to stop the pain and save the tooth.

But what if you really do need a root canal? Some of my clients have reported avoiding one with an herbal combination called Padma, available online. Don’t go AWOL from your dentist while trying to avoid a root canal on your own, though. Find out from your dentist how urgent the situation is. Make sure your dentist is monitoring your condition.

Braces Tightened

If your child’s teeth, jaw, or even head hurts after her braces are tightened, try the homeopathic remedy Ruta grav. 30c (Give your child two pellets to dissolve in her mouth as a dose and repeat it as needed every few hours until the pain goes away.) This natural medicine targets the connective tissue surrounding bones and teeth. Tightening braces stresses the whole system: teeth, jaw, and even the bones of the skull. That’s why some kids get headaches after their braces are tightened.

Ruta grav. can help to some extent, although this is basically a structural problem best treated by a chiropractor or craniosacral therapist. I recommend bringing your child for a craniosacral or chiropractic adjustment if she has a headache after her braces are tightened. I especially recommend the craniosacral practitioner here at the Lydian Center in Cambridge, Eve Kodiak (


This was adaped from Burke Lennihan’s Your Natural Medicine Cabinet: A Practical Guide to Drug-Free Remedies for Common Ailments and may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes with attribution and a backlink to this site.

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