Top Ten Remedies for Your Natural Medicine Cabinet

10 Oct, 2018 by B. Lennihan

Wouldn’t you like to have some natural medicines on hand for family emergencies — ones that tend to be safer and work even better than the conventional ones? Here are the ones that I recommend for everyone to have on hand.

Arnica for bumps, bruises, black eyes, sore muscles, sports injuries, sprains and strains, any time there has been soft tissue trauma. It should also be used immediately for a head injury, possible concussion (after calling 911 if indicated).

The person who needs it will report feeling sore and bruised, and Arnica can even be used when that sensation is present without actual soft tissue trauma, like the flu or jet lag. Whether for mom and baby right after childbirth, for a toddler who’s always falling down and bumping her head, a child learning to skateboard, a teenager on the football team, an elderly person losing her balance and falling, Arnica is probably the #1 remedy to have on hand.

Calendula comes in a close second, as it is universally useful anytime the skin is broken: cuts, lacerations, abrasions, even surgical incisions. It pulls the sides of the wound together, speeds healing, reduces pain and scarring and prevents infections. It is tremendously helpful for recovery from surgery (one dose right before then twice daily afterwards until the wound is healed.)

It also soothes burns, along with aloe vera gel – keep a plant growing in your kitchen and break off a leaf when you burn or cut yourself, or keep a bottle of the gel in the refrigerator such as George’s Always Active. It’s also great for the GI tract. The George’s brand tastes like water, or if you have a plant, remove the tough green skin and scrape out the wonderful healing gel inside.

Ferrum phos. to “nip it in the bud”: to prevent an infectious illness from taking hold. You probably know the warning signs for yourself, perhaps a funny scratchy feeling in the back of your throat. Or you feel under the weather, run down, susceptible, then you get a mild fever and “Uh-oh, feels like I’m getting sick.” That’s the perfect time to take Ferrum phos. (twice a day until this foreboding state gets resolved). You probably know how your child looks when she’s about to get sick: dark circles under her eyes, moaning and listless, uninterested in food or TV. Kids love taking these remedies, which are totally safe for them.

Gelsemium, the best anti-viral when the person has the typical viral symptoms of extreme exhaustion (even their eyelids droop to half mast), foggy brain, malaise, fever, dizziness and maybe trembliness in their limbs.

Arsenicum for colds and flu when you have watery discharge (“nose running like a faucet”) or for traveler’s diarrhea/food poisoning.

Pulsatilla if there’s a small child in the family: it’s used for the childhood illnesses, and in common infectious illnesses in children (colds, coughs, sore throats, ear infections) when the child is normally mild and sweet-tempered, clingy to mom, needy of affection, and sometimes a little whiny or manipulative, although they have sudden changes in mood and can turn on a dime from crying to smiling. When they’re sick, they become much more clingy, needy and whiny. It can also be used for adults who tend to get needy/clingy when they are sick.

Nux vomica for digestive upsets (nausea and vomiting) plus just about anything that goes wrong with the digestive system, from heartburn to hemorrhoids. It’s also good for just about any condition that involves nausea (such as morning sickness or motion sickness) IF the person has a Nux vomica personality: he’s irritable, tends to be a workaholic, and pushes himself with stimulants like spicy/fatty junk food, caffeine, drugs or cigs.

Rescue Remedy and Ignatia are described in the “Emotional First Aid” blog, and you can learn how to take them in the “Instructions” blog.

This was adaped from Burke Lennihan’s Your Natural Medicine Cabinet: A Practical Guide to Drug-Free Remedies for Common Ailments and may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes with attribution and a backlink to this site.

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